This Week’s Unrandom Musings

It’s another week of Unrandom Musings on Random Musings, and here they are:

  • Music Monday: I celebrate They Might Be Giants’ version of “Istanbul”.
  • No Stuff I Dislike this week.
  • Wednesday Top 5: The Top 5 biggest rivalries in American sports (sorry, fans of Barça, Madrid, and the Old Firm).
  • Thursday Trivia: 5 things you should know about ice cream.
  • Tips of the Hat, Wags of the Finger: I’m repurposing the Link Slurry (which was kind of boring) to discuss stuff I like and dislike in link form.
  • Saturday Night Stuff I Like: This week, I discuss my love of Jeopardy!
  • This week’s video comes from The Late Late Show – fun with yodeling!


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