Stuff I Like: “House”

This is the Saturday Night Stuff I Like, on Sunday, largely because I was out late at Coney Island for the Brooklyn Cyclones’ Opening Night – check out the Random Musings Flickr page in the coming days for pictures from the game and the postgame fireworks! (Also, did you know we were on Twitter?)

When my science teacher and fellow mental_flosser Mr. Porzio said that he hates watching House due to its ridiculous (and I assume made-up) maladies, I considered that ridiculous.

No one watches House for the medical stuff! (Hell, one could go as far to say no one watches any medical show for the medical stuff, but that’s besides the point.

It’s watching for the mystery – an interesting story sets the scene, with the fantastic Hugh Laurie as Gregory House, the prototypical badass doctor, complemented by great lines, such as this one, when House is on a flight with Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) back from Singapore (House is still wearing his loud beach shirt):

Dr. House: You a virgin?

Girl: No, but—

Dr. House: You’re pregnant. Mazel Tov.”

That’s the beauty of House – the one-liners. Say what you want about the interaction between the characters – House and Wilson, his one true friend (Robert Sean Leonard), House and his team, House and Cuddy (who inexplicably constantly defends him, despite the disrespect) – it’s the comedic timing of Laurie, Edelstein, Leonard, and Omar Epps as Foreman, to name a few. 

It does help that House goes beyond the classic detective and doctor rolled into one, he’s a crappy guy and he knows it: (“You want a better anagram for “Gregory House”? “Huge ego, sorry.”) It does help that basically everyone in his life hates him. But the major appeal comes from the fantastic scripts, chemistry and timing the show provides.

Mind you, I don’t really watch the new episodes of House (I don’t really watch the new episodes of any show except for the nerdy CBS comedy The Big Bang Theory and Fox cop show The Good Guys, but those are other posts for other days), and the later team members of Taub (Peter Jacobson), Kutner (Kal Penn), and Thirteen (Olivia Wilde) don’t seem as good as the original cast (which has largely since returned), but House has an important criterion that allows for the appeal: you don’t necessarily have to watch the shows in order. There are on occasion story arcs that come into play (such as the discourse between House and Vogler, played by Chi McBride), but most of the shows are done “Monster of the Week” style, with a new episode bringing in a new malady (or sometimes two, with the second being a clinical backstory).


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