Read: My Friend Laurie’s New Blog

A few of my friends are valued members of the blogosphere, such as the wonderful Max Bachhuber (I’ll take the time now, by the way, to announce that Max, with his irreverent, goofy style, will be taking over Random Musings for when I’m on vacation the week of July 26th). Now there’s another member – and she’s in the world of WordPress, too!

Fellow Mets sufferer Laurie has been a supporter of this blog  and now has a blog of her own, prospectively largely on literary and news analysis. Hopefully I can send a few readers of my own (however few and far between) her way.

You can read Why on earth should that mean that it is not real?….

(…wait for it…)



2 thoughts on “Read: My Friend Laurie’s New Blog

  1. Aw, Daniel, you’re too sweet! As I was making mine, I kept checking yours for formatting and categorizing ideas and such. Thank you, I appreciate it. I am proud to to be your fellow Mets sufferer. But can we please beat the Yankees this weekend?

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