Top 5: World Flags

While I’m certainly not flag-geeky enough to be considered a vexillologist (although I am enough of a supporter of flags to know what vexillology is) but flags are pretty darn cool to look at. Also, I got some added street cred as a beacon of trivia when I answered Councilman’s Jim Gennaro’s (his hobby is looking at flags of the world on the Internet) question of which flags are not rectangles (it’s Nepal and Ohio, by the way). So here are my favorite flags of the world:

5. Greenland

It’s a pretty plain flag, to be sure, but I kind of like it. And it reminds me of a scene from I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry (a film where, every time I see it on television, I’ve seen it from basically the exact same scene)…

4. Kyrgyzstan

I don’t know how much sun this Central Asian nation with an impossible-to-spell name (I copied it from Google) gets, but the flag makes up for it.

3. Sicily

The three-legged dude is awesome here. And it’s the only flag of my ancestors that’s in any way interesting!

2. Wales

Remember what I said about the three-legged dude on the Sicilian flag? Same goes for the Dragon – awesome.

But the number 1 flag is one I did not even know existed until tonight, as it’s…

1. Saint-Pierre and Miquelon

The only remnant of New France still under French control, this island colony in the North Atlantic (pop. ~7,000) looks like four flags in one, each with their own form of coolness.

Finally, outside of the Top 5, I’d be remiss to not include this classic Digital Short from this season.


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