This Week’s Unrandom Musings…and Two Announcements

After taking a week off, I had both R&R and R&D…two announcements in a moment. First, this week’s Unrandom Musings:
  • Music Monday: This week, I celebrate Chris Botti’s interpretation of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.”
  • Tuesday Afternoon Stuff I Like: I make known my disdain for SportsCenter these days. (Yeah, it’s actually gotten that bad.)
  • Wednesday Top 5: In celebration of the World Cup, my top 5 favorite world flags.
  • Thursday Trivia: 5 things you should know about UEFA.
  • Friday Link Slurry: Stuff culled from the Internets in the past week.
  • Saturday Night Stuff I Like: This week, I discuss my love of House.
    Now, the announcements: first, today is day 1 of our Twitter outfit, Random Musings Awesome Mornings. Since Random Musings has become updated in the afternoon more and more often, Random Musings AM will be updated Monday-Friday with events, trivia, and other bits of all things cool in 140 characters or less. Second, Random Musings is proud to announce the beginning of a weekly webshow, The Random Report, starting in July. More on that in the coming weeks.
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