Stuff I Like Special: Peanut Butter

In looking for a short story I had written (it’s not ready for the blog, yet), I found the ode to peanut butter I had written around the New Year. I was set on writing a poem, and I was apparently very hungry. I guess you write about what you know…

Peanut butter is possibly

The greatest thing ever invented.

If a food product can eclipse

About a billion other inventions, it must be pretty good.

If it can mark a person’s entire career, it’s fantastic.


There’s something special about peanut butter.

For one thing, name another legume spread.

(Okay, there’s almond butter, but that’s really it.

And almonds aren’t that great, anyway, in my opinion.)

For another, it’s not like you have smooth and chunky

Varieties of almond butter.

You don’t have it for any form of fruit preserves.


There’s also no confusion when you say ‘peanut butter.’

You can say ‘grape jam’ when you mean

‘Grape jelly’

‘Grape preserves’

‘Grape marmalade’

‘Grape compote’

Or you may not mean ‘grape’ anything at all –

You can confuse a grape with a lot of things these days.

You really can’t confuse peanut butter.


The peanut butter can’t be polluted with hydrogenated oils

And whatnot –

Pure peanut in buttery form –

The nirvana of foodstuffs.

You don’t even need to put it on anything –

Just eat it out of the jar.

Chunky or creamy, it’s really you’re choice –


But choosing peanut butter is something with which

One can never go wrong.


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