Stuff I Dislike: “Big Time Rush”

I’m going to make this quick, because I need sleep and am just back from the awesome Iron Man 2

Big Time Rush sucks. They only have three songs, and they can’t perform any of them well. The show is brash, obnoxious, entirely superficial and annoying – when a Disney XD show outbeats Nickelodeon, you know it really, really, really sucks.


8 thoughts on “Stuff I Dislike: “Big Time Rush”

  1. u suck! ur FACE sucks im sure! btr is better then ur stupid obnoxious boring iron man! god u wouldnt know awesome entertainment if it smashed into ur face! u little idiot!

    • First of all, my face does suck…pasta into my mouth. And it’s very, very good.

      “Stupid obnoxious boring Iron Man,” eh? Lots of adjectives there! (Well, boring is technically a gerund, but that’s neither here nor there.) Any sort of argument to back that up?

      …No? Oh, well then.

      Get back to me when you start forming full arguments and not just single, badly written sentences.

  2. Big Time Rush has WAY more songs than 3. Do you understand how many people love them? We don’t really care about haters; but trying to make fun of someone you don’t really KNOW, is stupid. If you actually had taste you would get that they are very talented, and way better than Iron Man. So before you start trashin’ on someone, you should know that some of your friends probably like them, and wouldn’t like– wait, I don’t think you have any friends cuz you trash on every kid show.

    • Dear Jordan,
      I implore you to read my posts on other children’s shows of my time (e.g. Animaniacs, SpongeBob), which I LOVE, along with posts on music not marketed to folks who unironically love Radio Disney.

      Also, really dude, Big Time Rush > Iron Man? Those movies are INCREDIBLE! I mean, they’re not critically-acclaimed masterpieces or anything, but they’re awesome.

      Tell ya what, if you’ve got any TV or music recommendations, I’ll give ’em a shot.

      • Thanks for the feedback, kid. Tastes change and whatnot so come back to me in a few years.

        (Jeez, I gotta put an age limit on for this site…frickin’ 8 year olds running around here unattended…)

  3. I think they both have what a person looks for. For me, it depends on the person. Some people wants brash, obnoxious, entirely superficial and annoying shows/movies. And some people REALLY hates this kind of show. (im included there) So, I think it depends with the person. BUT, THAT IS ONLY an OPINION. And, I DO BELIEVE YOU, Mr. Pecoraro. 🙂

  4. iron man is ok but i love big time rush, more their music than their tv show but their tv show is also entertaining. anyways they have WAY more than 3 songs and they DO perform them well cause i have seen them sing with no editing what so ever and they are very talented and of course they dance well to i have seen that as well (logan and james can do flips can you do a flip? and i would say they are the most lively and funny nick stars in real life).. so do your research before you go off saying they suck and stuff because if you dont then no one will respect your opinion. what is this, the Eprillonium of 1426? haha lol… well i didnt mean to be mean and i am sorry if i hurt your feelings or anything that is the last thing i wish to do but please next time give them a chace before you judge them because at first i have to admit i didnt care for either them but now i do. 🙂 have a wonderful life 🙂 this is a long reply..

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