Note: I’m Fed Up With Oliver Perez


As a Mets fan, I have to stay somewhat patient with things, otherwise my head will explode. Look, I can stay even-keel about the 1-3 road trip, how they’re just night and day away from Citi Field, how Jerry Manuel warms up Frequent Fernando Nieve even when they’re 12 runs down, even Jeff Franceour swinging at everything.

But for the love of all things that are good and right in this plane, enough of Oliver Perez.

It’s not just that he sucks – and I mean, he does (his fastball has lost velocity, he has no control, he makes Victor Zambrano look like Cy freakin’ Young) – it’s that he sucks and he’s stubborn as hell in repeatedly not giving consent to being sent to the minors. Fans have been fed up for weeks. Broadcasters (okay, broadcasters who are also fans) are getting angry. Players have now had their fill with Perez. In short, he’s become a cancer. The Players Association can defend Ollie all they want (yeah, we get that he’s “played” for 5 years), Scott Boras can defend Ollie all he wants, but the fact remains: he’s not going to get better pitching garbage time. Eventually, they’ll have to tell Perez: look, we love you, but it’s time to shuffle off to Buffalo (or Binghamton, or St. Lucie).

He obviously doesn’t want to get signed next year – perhaps it’s the multi-million dollar contract going to his head again, maybe he no longer wants to pitch – but it’s simply getting annoying and embarrassing to watch.


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