Events: Memorial Day Marathon of Metdom!

The spirit of '76 (and '63, and '84, and '88) will be alive in tomorrow's "Mets Yearbook" marathon.

A great thing about Mets fans is that we know our history, and are able to share it from one generation to the next. Through oral history, a prolific blogosphere, and the games themselves, parents transmit anecdotes to sons and daughters; uncles and aunts to nieces and nephews; and siblings to siblings.

Mets Yearbook does this stunningly well, too. It’s a masterful presentation of Metdom via the classic highlight videos of yore that were distributed to schools, lodges, and the like. It’s not only a treat for Met fans, but for all baseball fans and even just plain pop cultural anthropologists like me (I think even Yankee fans might get a bit emotional looking at the last game at the Polo Grounds from the 1963 episode) Quoting directly from Greg Prince of the fantastic Faith and Fear in Flushing, who had a long write-up about the series and about classic Mets programming in general:

SNY produced all non-national Met broadcasts, employed the finest announcers imaginable, aired a weekly magazine show, a kids show, an offseason news show, a sprinkling of old games and recent ceremonies, a handful of interview specials, a couple of documentaries as well as breaking coverage of news both bad and good…and yet I can honestly say, without irony, that it was never enough. It never felt like anybody there at the highest precincts of decisionmaking truly lived and died with the ideal of the Mets. The network talked up “all things NY sports,” but came off as tone deaf to its true hardcore audience of Mets fans.Not the case anymore, not with Mets Yearbook. Watch or rewatch any and all of the five episodes that have run to date and you will conclude there hasn’t been a more extensive and extraordinary representation of New York Met genius since Gary Cohen dined alone.

And now SNY is presenting all ten (‘63, ‘66, ‘68, ‘71, ‘72, ‘75, ‘76, ‘80, ‘84, and the recently premiered 1988) of the critically- and Metically-acclaimed (yes, I just made “Metically” up – approved by four out of five Met fan doctors!) series, in chronological order, tomorrow starting at 4:30. So put down the barbecue tongs, pop a tape into the VCR (or program your DVR, if you’re actually in the 21st Century unlike me), and take a look into the past with Mets Yearbook.


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