Read: “Life of the Library”

I’ve always been a fan and patron of libraries. My local storefront library is literally half a block away, and whatever it doesn’t have I either request or just go to Central Library to borrow. I, along with my parents and grandfather (my brother just never caught the library bug) quite proud to be a freeloader (I’ve pitched a prospective ad campaign of “Proud to Be a Freeloader.” to my local library’s head librarian…she hasn’t bought it). In the summer before my freshman year, I volunteered at my local library, at which point I found out that working at a public library was simply not for me.

However, it is for quite a few people, and for librarians and fans of libraries, mental_floss‘s “At the Libraries” weekly post was born. Via “At the Libraries” this week is the “Life of the Library” blog, a fellow WordPress page from the Portland, ME Public Library. It’s not just book reviews and other bits of trivia – there’s a weekly Friday Brainteaser trivia quiz! Check it out…(wait for it)…



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