Trivia Extra: The Subway Series

"Yes, Johan, it's toasted."

With the Citi Field leg of the Subway Series upon us tonight, I thought it was a good time for a special installment of Thursday Trivia (on Friday) on the  annual, über-hyped series between the Mets and Yankees:

  • Los Mets have won the season series twice – in 2004 (one of the few bright spots on an otherwise dark season was a sweep of the Yankees at Shea to win the series 4-2 – inexplicably, I was there for two of the games, the only time I was there for more than one in the Subway Series) and in 2008 (the only time the Mets swept at Yankee Stadium, in the final year of both New York ballparks).
  • In addition, the two teams have drawn the series, in 1999 (the first time it was a six-game format), 2002, and 2005 through 2007.
  • So far the only season Series sweep has been 2003, with the Yankees winning all six games (including the second split-ballpark doubleheader).
  • The last trade between the two clubs? December 2004, when the Mets acquired Felix Heredia in exchange for Mike Stanton (it sort of bombed both ways, though). So far, there have only been nine trades between the two teams.
  • Butch Huskey was the first Met to play as a designated hitter on June 16th, 1997, a 6-0 win for Dave Mlicki and the Mets in the Bronx.

And finally, while this is not trivia, it’s hilarious:


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