Stuff I Dislike: “MacGruber”


There’s a difference between MacGyver, the original series of the 1980s, and MacGruber, the SNL sketch by The Lonely Island (the same folks behind the SNL Digital Shorts, which are often a crapshoot in how good they are). MacGyver was often interesting and clever in how MacGyver got out of problems. MacGruber is…well…it just is. It’s three sets of 90 seconds I’ll never get back.

Now, mind you, sometimes it’s not that bad, depending on the guest host (Betty White’s appearance two weeks ago as MacGruber’s grandmother, Charles Barkley’s appearance as Darrel, and Richard Dean Anderson – MacGyver himself – appearing as MacGruber’s long lost father were all actually really great), but it’s a pain to see it about 80% of the time. It’s obviously predictable (spoiler alert: they get blown up), it’s mostly annoying, and I just grown when I start hearing: “MacGruber!”

Apparently, though, the movie’s pretty good. But I’m not watching a longer version of an SNL skit I dislike. I’m sticking to the best of the SNL films: A Night at the Roxbury. (Mind you, it’s so bad it’s good, but I still enjoy it.)

One thought on “Stuff I Dislike: “MacGruber”

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