Stuff I Like: Morgan Library and Museum

The immaculate Library room at the Morgan Library. Photo courtesy of some blog about pianos in Argentina.

Part historic building (and National Landmark since 1966), part modern-day masterpiece, the Morgan Library and Museum is, in a word, ornate. From the murals and tile in J.P. Morgan’s Entrance Rotunda, to the books in the multi-floor library (including three Gutenberg Bibles – the Biblical collection alone takes up at least two bookshelves), to the works of art in the collection, to the new Renzo Piano-designed entry building.

This (along with their international recognition as a museum of merit) allows the Morgan to put on pretty amazing exhibits. When I (along with my friend Kelly Cordray, who I mentioned earlier in my post on my favorite sandwiches, discussing hot dogs – she actually talked me out of having a hot dog on the way to the Morgan) went to the museum, there was a (since closed) collection of letters from J.D. Salinger to the book jacket artist for Catcher in the Rye (spoiler alert: they’re kind of depressing), a drawings exhibit on Raphael and his contemporaries (an incredible opportunity to view some great Renaissance works), and a presentation of the Magna Carta.

Being a history buff, I went for the Magna Carta – although I saw a different copy in October at the Fraunces Tavern Museum (a trip on which I passed out from either lack of hydration or low blood sugar, making it all the more memorable) – and, while I don’t know much Latin (other than discerning a few words and phrases from roots I know and stuff I’ve picked up from the Latin scholars in my life), I know it’s important. I highly recommend you check out this bastion of rights and freedoms before it goes back to England May 30th.


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