Top 5: Presidents of the 18th and 19th Centuries

He's first in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen, but is he first on the Top 5?

Random Musings and Trivia is, by nature, an apolitical blog, simply discussing cool (and on Tuesdays, uncool) stuff and not being partisan. Therefore, I’ll keep this as nonpartisan as possible…by picking members of defunct political parties! So here we go with the #5 pick…

5. Martin Van Buren

The good news: he was the first president from New York, the first president of Dutch heritage, the first and only ESL president, and one of only two people to serve as Secretary of State, Vice President, and President. The bad news? Under his time in office, the Panic of 1837 happened. 

(Yes, I know he was a member of the modern Democratic Party, but not much happened.)

4. James Madison

If you just count his time before the presidency, he’s one of the greatest men of his time – one of the major crafters of the Constitution, co-writer of the Federalist Papers, Father of the Bill of Rights. But he did bring the United States into the War of 1812, which luckily ended in status quo ante bellum

3. George Washington

It’s hard to deny that Washington didn’t leave his imprint on the presidency, developing tradition such as serving only two terms and forming a presidential cabinet. The flag of the District of Columbia even has Washington’s coat of arms, for goodness’ sake!

2. James Monroe

With the Monroe Doctrine, James Monroe set the stage for America’s prowess in the Western Hemisphere. He’s also the only President to die on July 4th not named John Adams or…

1. Thomas Jefferson

Writer of the Declaration of Independence, defeated the Barbary pirates, bought the Louisiana Purchase at a ridiculously low price, the indirect reason behind judicial review, AND he had the modesty to not include being president on his tombstone…in short, Thomas Jefferson’s awesome. So worth more than the nickel and the $2 bill.

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