Stuff I Dislike: Taylor Swift

Yeah, glasses definitely make a girl uglier. Riiiight.

I know, I know. “How can you dislike Taylor Swift?” “Her music speaks to me!” “She’s such a sweetheart!” Yada yada yada. Look, Taylor Swift has been incredibly lauded (and ridiculously and inexplicably surprised every time she has been lauded) as a recording artist.

Because, let’s be honest, her voice is – at best, mind you – meh. She’s definitely a product of the recording studio (her multiple at-best pitchy, at-worst off-key live performances are showing of this). While I “drunk the Kool-Aid” after hearing her self-titled debut album, which had very infectious songs like “Tim McGraw” and “Picture to Burn”, I got tired of the perennially similar, ‘teen-love’ songs on Fearless like “Love Story” and “You Belong With Me”; further, the live performances were just the last straw.

And another thing about “Love Story”: it does a great job of butchering both music and literature – changing the “Romeo and Juliet” story (spoiler alert: they get married) and using the Scarlet Letter allusion completely incorrectly. I thought that Swift’s English teacher would be pretty angry when she found out the song won BMI Country Song of the Year. But there’s a hitch: her English teacher…was her mother.

I mean, being home-schooled for two years doesn’t mean she isn’t totally clueless about high school life. But it does make the “it speaks to me!” argument a bit more dubious. Further, she keeps re-establishing these gender stereotypes (yeah, right, of course she wears the glasses in “You Belong with Me” and doesn’t still look gorgeous) and “boys, boys, boys” attitude girls are “supposed” to have, which really help no one.

It simply annoys me that Taylor Swift, with her so-so voice, her constantly similar lyrics and themes, and unhealthy views on gender among youths, gets radio play, while folks like Sugarland don’t.


3 thoughts on “Stuff I Dislike: Taylor Swift

  1. Interesting points. I do think that Sugarland is far greater than Taylor Swift (“Stay” is incredible – have you seen the music video? It’s funny how someting can be so simple and yet so moving at the same time)…but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like Taylor’s stuff. Agreed, her voice is pitchy (she wouldn’t make it very far in “American Idol”) and some of her stuff is overplayed/annoying (I thought I was the only one who thought her alleged uncool-ness in the YBWM video was ridiculous!) But many of her songs are at least catchy, and some of them actually do speak to me on a scarily personal level. Maybe you have to be a teenage girl to really understand 😉 What bothers me the most is how much she’s crossed over into the pop realm…she needs to get back to her country roots and put out more songs like “Tim McGraw.”

    • Hey Ariel!
      I have seen the “Stay” music video – I would have posted that but wanted a live version, you know, for contrast.
      Perhaps I do have to be a teenage girl, which is, of course, something I’m not.

  2. I agree with you 100%. Wish I didn’t know so much about the talentless, over-produced, bubblegum poppy/country sounding vocals of this little “Barbie” looking girl. Remember her fanbase which is mostly 10-14 yr old girls who don’t care about talent. They just want to be her or like her contrived image. Ppl who know music and talent cringe every time she opens her mouth to sing live. Chris Richardson (Black Crowes) was forced to sing with her in a show and afterward went public as to just how horrible she is as a single. He was attacked by a mllion of her teen fans.

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