Top 5: Sandwiches

My sandwiches never have interesting burn marks like this.

One of the greatest innovations in the history of society was when the Earl of Sandwich, wishing to both eat meat and play cards, had meat put in between pieces of bread – and thus, the sandwich was born.

Fast-forward to present day, where I loves me the sandwiches. It pains me to put these in order, as my preferences change daily. But all the same, here we go:

5. Cold Subway sandwiches

Step 1: Order Subway footlong (a $5 footlong, of course) of Oven Roasted Chicken Breast, with lettuce, tomato, green bell peppers, and honey mustard (and on occasion onion, and baby spinach when possible). Step 2: Pay for said sandwich. Step 3: Eat one half of the sandwich, put other half in fridge for later.

Step 4: Eat cold Subway sandwich, the juices of which somehow get better after a day in the fridge. Especially good for a Mets game, laughing at those who spent like $6 for a sandwich of the same length. Really good stuff.

4. Peanut Butter and Jelly

Sometimes I just need a PB&J – sometime’s it’s just that sort of day. I mean, I once wrote a freakin’ ode to peanut butter once (I must have been very hungry that day). Especially on raisin bread. That’s good stuff.

FYI, I’m more of a creamy peanut butter person than a crunchy person – creamy’s just better. I take no sides on the PB vs. Nutella issue – both are wonderful.

3. Hot Dogs

Okay, so I’m fudging things a little (speaking of which…fudge is also good), but hot dogs are by definition meat between pieces of bread (and thus sandwiches, technically speaking). As you would know from my trip to the Shake Shack a month-and-change ago, I’m more of a New York-style guy than a Chicago-style guy (though I can see why Chicago-style is enjoyed by Chicagoans, that stuff’s huge). And, as I was discussing with my friend Kelly Cordray, while hot dogs smell sort of weird, I eat them anyway (I can generally only have one, though – I never know why).

2. Grilled Cheese

I don’t have Grilled cheese with tomato soup – never been a tomato soup fan, to be honest – I just have it straight up. Considering it’s one of the few sandwiches that are toasted and are not panini (which are alright, just not usually my thing), it makes the dark-horse spot of number 2.

My number 1 choice is sort of influenced by this week, as it’s…

1. Egg Salad Sandwich

Egg salad, in and of itself, is great. And I make a mean egg salad (which helps – mine is simple, just the hard-boiled eggs, mayo, deli mustard, and some salt and pepper – no paprika or whatnot).

But egg salad between two pieces of bread? To quote the old Guinness Beer ads, “Brilliant!” Between two pieces of toast? Doubly so. I still hold getting an egg salad sandwich for lunch in December one of the best decisions I’ve made in a while. That’s how good egg salad is.


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