Thursday Trivia: Vitaminwater

One very important thing about me is that I loves me the Vitaminwater. Is it crap for me? In large part, absolutely. Does it taste good? Generally. Whether it’s green-tea (which, unfortunately is a defunct flavor), dragonfruit, or my personal favorite, lemonade, it’s a great (albeit somewhat empty-calorie) refreshment. While it’s known today as a subsidiary of Coca-Cola, Energy Brands/Glaceau (which makes Vitaminwater, along with Vitaminwater Zero and Smartwater) was partially owned by Louis Vuitton SA and later the Tata Group, the Indian mega-company largely known for their tiny cars. So for a time, Louis Vuitton made both handbags and flavored water.

Four more bits (or is it swigs?) of trivia about Vitaminwater after the jump!

  • Energy Brands has been around in the New York area since 1996- and Vitaminwater wasn’t released until 2000 (although I never had it until 2006)! It was the third product, after Smartwater (which is just tap water, just sayin’) and Fruitwater (which I’m pretty sure no longer exists).
  • Energy Brands, apparently, is like the Canada to Coca-Cola’s United Kingdom. “We run independently, we have our own offices,” said Energy Brands founder Darius Birkoff. “If Coca-Cola don’t call me, I don’t call them.”
  • Vitaminwater’s main competitors, Snapple Antioxidant Water and SoBe Life Water, are apparently a bit too similar, especially the latter. A 2006 lawsuit forced PepsiCo (owners of SoBe, which for a time was a sponsor of Major League Lacrosse) to change the design of their packaging. (Frankly, they should change the design of their water, as it’s exactly the same as Vitaminwater – that’s not to say I don’t like it, though.)
  • As part of his endorsement of Vitaminwater, David Wright was given .5% of the company – but when Energy Brands was sold to Coca-Cola for $4.1 billion, Wright netted a cool $20 million on the deal. 

Join me next week for another round of Thursday Trivia – five bits of info on a topic to be decided.


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