Review: The Double Down, by Natalie Noboa

Here it is, in combo form. (How can you eat anything other than it?)

Now, it’s difficult for me to even try and eat KFC’s Double Down (any foodstuff with the tagline “It’s Real!” leads me to avoid it), but I definitely wanted to review it. Luckily, my friend Natalie Noboa tried one. Here’s what she had to say:

Let’s be honest, without even eating the Double Down you know it’s just a heart attack waiting to happen. So I’m pretty freaking ashamed that I even thought about eating it. But if curiousity killed the cat, it might as well have given me a heart attack, dpec. I sincerely wanted to know what that thing tasted like. But I’d be damned if I was going to waste my money on taking one bite and then throwing it away if it was bad. I ended up spliting it with two other people.
With my first bite I already felt the calories. I already felt my arteries clogging. I knew that I’d done something horribly wrong. AND it tasted horrid. There I was, sitting with 1/3 of a Double Down to eat and on top of the overwhelming guilt and the tears I shed over my prom dress, it wasn’t even good.
The chicken wasn’t crispy. It was a slab of grease. It seeped through the wrapper and onto my fingers and it was like I could feel the fat seeping through my pores. The cheese tasted off to me, but maybe that was the particular KFC’s fault. The chicken so completely overwhemed the flavors in my mouth that the bacon may as well not have been there. The sauce was subpar. There was absolutely nothing about it that I enjoyed and if I had the ability to eat it without worrying about my heart, calories, prom, etc i STILL wouldn’t order it.
Would I reccommend eating this yourself? Never. But if you must satisfy your disturbing curiousity, bring about 10 people to share with, because even that 1/3 was too much for me. If you know me, you know I love food and I love to eat. That… thing was not food and I will never eat it again. All in all, the Double Down was a MAJOR let down.

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