Friday’s Link Slurry

Here’s some great stuff plumbed from the depths of the Internets, the Friday Link Slurry, but before we begin, here’s a picture courtesy of my friend Niki Markopoulos related to our post from Tuesday:

A Powerpuff Girls Ziploc bag!

Now isn’t that cute!

  • Via Max Bachhuber, a funny thing about Seinfeld.
  • This is a re-post to the blog, but based on ol’ Ike’s call-up to the big club, I thought it was deserved:
  • Via Metsblog and from the wonderful, shiny, and new ESPN New York, a story about Mets sadness.

More fun after the jump!

Join me next week as we plumb the depths of the Internets in the Friday Link Slurry, and stay tuned tomorrow for the Saturday Night Stuff I Like, discussing the wonderful Mets Hall of Fame and Museum.


2 thoughts on “Friday’s Link Slurry

  1. Just to report a miscredit, the Powerpuff Girls Ziploc Bag was brought in by Kimberly Young, not Niki Markopoulos.

    Otherwise, keep up the awesome blog 🙂

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