Thursday Trivia: Happy Earth Day!

Tom Seaver on the first Earth Day.

I decided to change things up from the Week in Preview and do a few bits of trivia about Earth Day. It’s the 40th Earth Day, after all – and also the 40th anniversary of an important day in Mets history. On April 22nd, 1970, Tom Seaver tied the then-record for strikeouts in a single game with 19, including the last 10 hitters.  According to the blog Centerfield Maz, Seaver threw 136 pitches in the game, 81 fastballs, 34 sliders, 19 curve balls, & only 2 change ups.

Four more pieces of info on Earth Day after the jump!

  • Earth Day was also invariably the impetus behind the Science Rock season of Schoolhouse Rock!, whose song “The Energy Blues” focuses on energy conservation. The folks at ABC (seeing that ‘going green’ is now a trend and not just a political platform) returned to the subject in 2009’s Schoolhouse Rock! Earth.
  • While we’re on the subject of Science Rock, one video has never been shown on television to this day. “The Weather Show,” a song about (you guessed it!) weather, was the longtime victim of an injunction from Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus, who was in a bind about the use of the lyrics “The Greatest Show on Earth.”
  • Earth Day is not to be confused with Arbor Day (literally Day of Trees), which is celebrated on different days around the world – generally the last Friday in April here in the states (a k a, a week from tomorrow). It was first celebrated in Nebraska in 1872.
  • The first Earth Day in New York saw Mayor John Lindsay close down Fifth Avenue and open up Central Park for the festivities, allowing for an attendance of over 1 million.

Finally, as promised and on a totally unrelated note, the World Series of Pop Culture. The rules and information about the show can be found here, with the game itself (all questions written by yours truly) here: WSOP.

Join me next week for 5 more bits of trivia on a topic to be decided in the Thursday Trivia.

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