No, Seriously, THIS Week’s Unrandom Musings

After a very busy Tuesday the 13th, I was already in the hole in terms of posting on the blog – so I decided to take a week off. We’re back, nice and refreshed and ready to go for another week of Random Musings. Here are this week’s regular features (really, this time):

  • Tuesday Afternoon Stuff I Dislike: I discuss my disdain at Cartoon Network these days. 
  • Wednesday Top 5: I rank my Top 5 Favorite Sports Films. 
  • Thursday Trivia: We’re going to go in a different direction this week with our first game/puzzle – my adaptation of the World Series of Pop Culture, for you to play at home.
  • Friday Link Slurry: Whatever I cull from the Internet in the next week.
  • Saturday Night Stuff I Like: My review of the Mets Hall of Fame and Museum (which I’ll be visiting this week).

Finally, this song has been stuck in my head since I heard it about 6 AM this morning on MSNBC’s Morning Joe (who along with being just a bit right-of-center and employing the awesome Willie Geist, have great bumper music), and hopefully I’d get it out this way.

Visit daily, because you never know what Random Musings will pop up!


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