Friday’s Link Slurry

Here’s some stuff culled from the Internets over the past week, the Friday Link Slurry:

  • Via Metsblog, Ralph Kiner talks to the New York Times about Spring Training in the ’40s – not exactly the good old days ( I love when Kiner tells stories; he’s such an amazing guy, and he’s still at his job (albeit in semi-retirement).
    He was also a part of one of the times when my father and I have the same reaction in different places – when, on Ralph Kiner Night, the keynote address was delivered by a drunk (or so it seemed, according to Pops and I).
  • In a confluence of our earlier Thursday Trivia post on Jack Klugman and our recurring “Betty White for America” series, here’s the classic Odd Couple scene of Felix and Oscar on Password:

More fun after the jump!

Join me next week as we plumb the depths of the Internet once more in the Friday Link Slurry, and stay tuned tomorrow as I discuss Field of Dreams in the Saturday Night Stuff I Dislike.


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