Friday’s Link Slurry

Here’s some stuff culled from the Internets over the past week – the Friday Link Slurry!

On TedQuarters, Ted Berg writes the funniest recap of a Spring Training game in the history of forever ( In the game, Mets first base prospect Ike Davis clobbered a grand slam to make the score 17-11 Mets (seriously), which is on Metsblog (

More fun after the jump!

On mental_floss, Stacy Conradt discusses actors nominated for Oscars for the same role in her Quick 10 ( and some really, really literal music videos (

In other news, it’s just a week of celebration this week, as it’s National Procrastination Week, according to LifeHacker ( (I was going to honor it last week, but I put it off until now); the birthdays this week of Antonio Vivaldi (who was honored with his own “Four Seasons” themed Google Doodle) and Alexander Graham Bell (who was not, but had this excellent write-up in Neatorama; and a wonderful timeline of the history of Sony was published on Gizmodo (it’s Yahoo!’s 15th anniversary, but I couldn’t find their timeline, so this must suffice –

Finally, an old car on BoingBoing; nothing special, but kinda cool (

I’ll be at the Museum of Modern Art tonight, hopefully to see the Tim Burton exhibit and a couple of films, so if I get there I’ll take some pictures of the topiary (can’t take any of the exhibit, natch) and do a little write-up tonight.

Also, join me tomorrow for this week’s installment of the Saturday Night Stuff I Like, when I review Jamie Cullum’s fantastic new album, The Pursuit.

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