So, for the second time this month, the New York City public schools were closed due to snow. (It had been snowing yesterday, which really turned into slush.) Personally, I can’t even remember two days in a month where school was cancelled in New York (at least in my lifetime), so I’m certainly not looking the gift horse in the mouth. But the adamant nature that Schools Chancellor Joel I. Klein and Mayor Michael “The Usurper” Bloomberg said that schools would be open, until they were closed around 5:30 this morning, still makes me feel like I’m the victim of a dirty trick, and this keeps going through my head…

Stay tuned for our Internet round-up on this impromptu three-day weekend with the Friday Link Slurry.


2 thoughts on “SNOW DAY?!?!

  1. 1996 2 consec days. But this is 1st time I know of with 2 non-consec days in 1 year and 1st time in consec years. It was great to get to watch USA beat Finland.

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