Thanks, Delos!


On Wednesday, in the Top 5 TV Themes, Instrumental Division, I mentioned the 1997 Delos Music album, Mozart TV: Favorite TV Tunes in the Style of Great Classical Composers, and how their rendition of the theme to Star Trek: Voyager in the style of Richard Strauss caused a kerfuffle on the Internets. Here’s the wonderful surprise I got on the stats page in the admin section of the blog (sort of behind the shop window here at Random Musings):

"Tweety page," as Craig Ferguson would say, of Delos Music mentioning my post.

 Once again, lovin’ it.

And because I want to send some business their way,, and


3 thoughts on “Thanks, Delos!

  1. Glad you saw it! If you’re on Twitter we’ll have to connect. We shared your blog on our Facebook page too. Glad you (at least seemingly) enjoyed the Mozart TV album. In a way you inspired us. Next week on our blog ( we’re going to feature that album and post a couple of musical samples! So thanks for bringing it up.

    Best Wishes from everyone at Delos!

    • I’m not on Twitter, actually, but I am on Facebook (I’m trying to get a Random Musings Page up, if you’d like I’ll tell y’all when it happens, perhaps post it as a link on your Page).

      And I did enjoy the Mozart TV album. I first heard it not knowing what it was – my school plays classical selections (although they hit other genres, like jazz and even disco on some occasions) to signal the end of class – and they played the Hovanhess X-Files, the Mozart Brady Bunch and the Handel Jeopardy!; I asked about the album it came from, and within a week, I got it on eBay. I’ve been listening to it during my work ever since. You guys at Delos did a great job with that album, and I’m glad to see it’s seeing the light of day again!

  2. That’s fantastic! Our page on Facebook is you’ll have to become a fan. We try to share a lot of musical samples on our blog so that you can really get a taste of everything we do. Excited that someone made us pull up the Mozart TV. We have a couple albums that the composer/arranger did that are sort of “for kids,” but we find are enjoyed most by older audiences. He takes Disney and Children’s themes and arranges them in the styles of other composers just like the Mozart TV. We can give you the links to the blog posts on Facebook if you’d like!

    By the way…You have a pretty cool school!

    Best wishes from all at Delos!

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