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Ted Berg of "TedQuarters": Good blog, good man.

Oftentimes in the weekly Friday Link Slurry, I link up to the fabulous blog of sports, history, and pop culture, Ted Berg’s TedQuarters. Over the weekend, I sent an e-mail of praise to Ted Berg of TedQuarters, to which he replied with the following (including a lengthy commentary on last week’s Tuesday Afternoon Stuff I Dislike on the Guggenheim:

Thanks so much for reading and writing. I appreciate the feedback, and I’m glad to hear you like the culturey stuff. I basically convinced SNY to let me start the blog because writing about only the Mets –- though fun, don’t get me wrong – got to be a little mind-numbing, and I felt like I had things to say about other stuff, too. Like Taco Bell and facial hair, mostly.

I checked out your blog – good read! I kind of disagree on the Guggenheim, though. I definitely think the admission price there is obnoxious, but I love Frank Lloyd Wright and think the design is brilliant. The problem with the building, now, is that a lot of the exhibits are curated such that you’re supposed to start at the bottom and work your way up, and I’m pretty certain that wasn’t Wright’s intention. If they always kept it so everyone took the elevator to the top and spiraled down, the traffic flow would always be good and everyone would always see every work, which I think was the original point.

It’s funny because Wright was a total maniac and a complete control freak, so he’d probably freak to find out that they were propping up his design while also screwing with his intentions. At least they were at that Chinese pyrotechnics exhibit I went to a couple years back. I don’t go much either, what with the prohibitive price.

Anyway, thanks again.


Lovin’ it.


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