Love/Hate: John Mayer

I wish he was a good guy to go along with his great guitar skills, but alas...

(Note: This is the first of what I’d like to become a series of Semi-Random Musings, much like my “Required Listening” posts. Tell me how it goes…)

With his recent interview with Playboy (how apt, frankly) showing how he is a womanizer, porn addict, and racist, John Mayer once again strikes a chord (no pun intended) with my ambivalence for him. On the one hand, he is an incredible guitarist – take a listen to a song like “Gravity” and you’ll hear his skills as a guitar player, as a band leader, and as a songwriter – and a more-than-halfway decent vocalist. He’s been nominated and has won well-deserved Grammys, and his Continuum album was, in my untrained opinion, one of the best albums of the decade – with his newest album, Battle Studies, being pretty doggone good as well.

But on the other hand…

I can’t stand him as an individual. First of all, he considers himself “half-Jewish” while having a sleeve-and-a-half worth of tattoos, anathema to the Jewish faith. Second, and more importantly, he can’t keep his mouth shut about women. He made jokes about his relationship with Jennifer Love Hewitt (BTW: I can’t stand his song from Room for Squares, “Your Body is a Wonderland”), he made terrible comments about his ill-fated relationship with Jennifer Aniston, and he referred to his courtship with Jessica Simpson as “sexual napalm” and that it led to him using marijuana.

In other words, great musician, not-so-great dude.

What do you think? Love him or hate him? Leave it in the comments or participate in the poll.


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