Read: Craig Ferguson Saves Twitter!

Craig Ferguson's Tweetpic from his new Twitter page. Oh Goodness.

I am generally of the opinion that Twitter is set to destroy the English language – that the shortening of our words and utter destruction of grammar is set to destroy writing. And, frankly, being a blogger wH0 do3Snt tLk Lk tHS, I’m not a fan of the destruction of writing and thus dislike Twitter.

However, I do like Craig Ferguson (who I’ll be profiling in this week’s Saturday Night Stuff I Like), and his new Twitter page (literally formed last night) is a great channelling of his hyperactive, hilarious, workingman’s comedy that he’s shown on The Late Late Show. Considering that he jokes that his followers to be disciples who will travel to a “hollowed-out volcano,” I think this is going to be fun.

If you don’t believe me, here’s one of his Twitter posts (I will never write the word “tweet” on this blog unless it’s an analysis of “Rockin’ Robin”) from last night:

Watching the who @ the superbowl made me sad. Like watching my grampa play the spoons.

Craig Ferguson can be followed (in the hollowed-out volcano) at

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