Friday’s Link Slurry

Good God, that's a corporate name...

Here’s some stuff culled from the Internets this week:

A Facebook group is petitioning to have the great Betty White host Saturday Night Live, according to the USA Today…and I wholeheartedly agree with ’em. (

More fun after the jump!

The Brooklyn Cyclones re-named their ballpark from KeySpan Park (corporate, but nice-sounding) to MCU Park (named after Municipal Credit Union, corporate and not nice-sounding). I was hoping for Nathan’s Park, to say the least – and I’ll inevitably be calling it, a la the Hurricanes, to “The U” (

On the great SNY blog TedQuarters,  Ted discusses his favorite Jeopardy! categories ( and the middle finger, in lieu of Rex Ryan’s use of the gesture (

From BoingBoing, James Cameron used quite a bit of Papyrus (the font, not the ancient writing surface) in Avatar for the Na’vi subtitles…and Papyrus ain’t happy about it. (

And finally, my two favorite performances from Sunday’s Grammys: first, the really, really creepy Lady Gaga (who I’ll be profiling in my Saturday Night Stuff I Like tomorrow) and Elton John performance to open the show:

And second, the great performance of “21 Guns” by Green Day and the cast of American Idiot:

Join me next week when we plumb the depths of the Internets in the Friday Link Slurry.


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