Friday’s Link Slurry

Here’s some fun stuff I found on the Internets this week:

Apparently, CSI did a Star Trek themed episode, which you can see here:

More stuff culled from the Internets after the jump…

From mental_floss: Jimmy Fallon, as Neil Young, doing a cover of “General” Larry Platt’s “Pants on the Ground”:

Third and fourth, a couple of things from Craig Ferguson:

First, in the “Stuff I Like about Stuff I Dislike” department, Craig Ferguson’s “Jersey Shore: The Movie”:

And, because I enjoy it, his “She Taught Me to Yodel” bit from February:

Finally, as promised, one of my favorite of the 1000 Ways to Die, death by meteor:

Enjoy the weekend, and join me for our next installment of Saturday Night Stuff I Like, where I will discuss Pushing Daisies.


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