Stuff I Like: Darrelle Revis

As the current header of the blog shows, I like Darrelle Revis. In my opinion the best player on the New York Jets (who, if you hadn’t heard yet [and if you didn’t, where have you been?], will play in the AFC Championship game, Sunday at 2:30 on CBS), Revis is the only shutdown corner in the game of gridiron football. While his conventional defensive stats this regular season (50.5 tackles, 6 INT’s [one for a touchdown]) aren’t as sexy as AP Defensive Player of the Year Charles Woodson (82 tackles, 9 INT’s [three for touchdowns], 4 fumbles forced), take a look at this:

In his 18 regular-season and playoff games this season, the receivers he’s covered have averaged just under two receptions for 19 yards and .11 touchdowns per game.

In short, whenever Revis covers a receiver, the receiver turns to stone.  Not only that, he carries it out without any fanfare – while many of the Jets have been talking their heads off prior to tomorrow’s fixture at Lucas Oil Stadium, have you heard anything from Revis? No, not a peep.

Other reasons why Darrelle Revis is awesome (and awesomer than Charles Woodson):

  • Charles Woodson was embroiled in scandal regarding his involvement with agents while still a college football player; Revis turned down going to the Scouting Combine and still was drafted in the first round.
  • Woodson has a brand of wine named after him; Revis has freakin’ Manhattan Island named after him (this week, anyway).
  • Revis won College Football Play of the Year and was nominated for Best Play at the ESPYs.
  • Revis is endorsed by Deion “Prime Time” Sanders as the best cornerback in the game.

QED: Darrelle Revis > Charles Woodson. Professional football writers, what were you thinking?!


A rundown of other (slightly related) stuff:

  • I love the Titans throwbacks the Jets have been wearing the last few years (seen in the picture above). They are a true blast from the past (not worn since their first two years at the Polo Grounds). The rest of my family hate them (they’re like, “Who’s playing? I thought the Jets were playing!”), I’ve come to enjoy them, partially for that reaction and partially for the aesthetics.
  • I’m not a fan of Jay Feely’s wristbands. Accessories don’t make a football player; playing well does. And while Feely is a great kicker and player (his punting in the Wild Card round against Cincinnati was the unsung performance of that round, if not of the playoffs so far), he honestly doesn’t need the wristbands.
  • While I want Peyton Manning and brother Eli to defeat Donald Trump and Darryl Hammond (who I’m glad to see is getting work these days) in the big Oreo eating contest tomorrow, I want it to be the only thing he wins tomorrow.
  • Join me for “Celebrating Louis Armstrong: Jazz Great & Civil Rights Pioneer,” Saturdays at 2 PM at the Louis Armstrong House Museum (

Join me next week in our next installment of Saturday Night Stuff I Like, when I discuss Pushing Daisies.


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